● Have you got a digital camera?
● Would you like to take better pictures?
● Do you want to learn more about photography?
● Are you often disappointed with your pictures?
● Would you like to come off AUTO?

Is that you?, then book on one of my workshops and start taking better pictures today!

By sharing my experience as a professional landscape photographer and workshop trainer, I hope to further your photographic skills.

I can show you how to take photos like this consistently, every time.

And I can take you to locations that offer the best opportunities to practice!

Remember every Professional Photographer was once an Amateur and every Amateur was once a Beginner

When I was learning there were just some things I couldn't get into my head, that aperture/numbers thingy and I had to ask to tell me slowly, tell me again and again until I got it. So I know, that's why I keep technical explanations as simple as I can and why I know you might not get it first time so I will try another angle and by the end of the day I hope you're there. That's also why you get notes after the day, to remind and consolidate and I'm always there at the end of an email, the phone, or text.

So call me now on 07530850198 to book your techfree as much as possible beautiful landscape day workshop course refresher just need a day out with the camera day :)

Landscape photography courses and digital photography workshops in Scotland Lindisfarne Hebrides Harris Lewis Isle of Skye Glencoe Torridon Yorkshire Dales Malham Swaledale

Are you after good landscape photography training? Look no further

All workshops NOW include a FREE 'Simple Lightroom Workflow Guide' eBook'

How many landscape photography magazines do you buy in a year?

Imagine, investing one day, one day only, in that year in a fabulous location such as the Yorkshire Dales, to learn those techniques that you would learn in a year.

Imagine being able to fast track your technique in a day

Imagine feeling confident at the end of the day to produce images that could go into those magazines.

I will support your photographic needs by including your individual photographic wishes in my workshops.

Subjects covered will include:
  • Setting the correct exposure
  • White Balance and ISO
  • Metering Modes
  • RAW vs JPEG
  • Depth of Fields
  • How to read a histogram
  • Composition and the Rule of Thirds
  • Use of ND and ND Graduated Filters
In just one day......

  • You will capture moments that will be around for ever and ever.
  • You'll see that problem solving with lots of practice in the field creates a solid photography technique for the rest of your photography days. The key to these workshops is giving you time.
  • Aperture, exposure, composition, ND and ND graduated filters and much more are explained throughout the day in simple non-teccie speak.
  • A maximum of 5 guests so you can benefit from maximum individual attention while we explore the Yorkshire Dales countryside epitomised by 'Emmerdale' and 'The Dales'
  • Tell me what you want to learn and it will be built into the workshop if possible.
  • Locations are a priority not classrooms
  • It's your day as well to relax, chat, have fun, take great photos with like minded people
  • I do process images but as little as possible and very rarely use HDR.
See what the standard landscape photography workshops are here

"Your camera and lens are not the extension of your eye, but it is extension of your brain"

Quite a few of my guests have gone on to gain ARPS and LRPS qualifications with the Royal Photographic Society.

What People Are Saying
Jen said "Dorcas is a gem. She's very talented, personable, patient and encouraging. She was able to analyze my level of skill in an instant, and she was able to improve my abilities tremendously in just one day. But with each subsequent day of shooting, I continued to improve my skills. Her level of skill is considerable, so even if you're an intermediate like me, you will still learn a great deal. I came from the States to shoot in the Yorkshire dales. Honestly, I had no idea if Dorcas would be a good photography teacher or not. I didn't know anyone with first-hand knowledge of her abilities. I'd had both good and disappointing experiences with teachers in the past. But she was a perfect fit because she is both so knowledgable and personable. The Swaledale/Malham split that she planned worked out very well. It was a lovely, memorable trip. Thank you, Dorcas, for helping me create such beautiful images!"

Landscape photography courses and digital photography workshops in Scotland Lindisfarne Isle of Skye Glencoe Torridon Hebrides Harris Lewis Yorkshire Dales Malham Swaledale

The aim of these landscape photography courses are for YOU to learn more about your camera and take away a greater knowledge of your photography along with more confidence about how to capture that moment, all in the safe hands of Dorcas who is dedicated to helping your improve your skills and who has photographed this region for many years.

Landscape photography courses and digital photography workshops in Scotland Lindisfarne Isle of Skye Glencoe Torridon Hebrides Harris Lewis Yorkshire Dales Malham Swaledale

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